Life… Writing… Rejections… Failing…. And Perseverance…

I had decided to write more frequently, but somehow I got caught up in several “adventures” for lack of a better word to describe what has taken me away from writing.

Ironically I have been writing in a different capacity, one that I have found somewhat harder too. it is easy in my opinion to think about what I want to write and actually put it down in my writing pad, and then later think deeply on it and then translate it into an actual blog post(“easy peasy”!).

You know the hardest for me it is writing a personal statement, a cover letter, an application letter …..’describing why you are deserving of this scholarship”. I just realise that I have nothing to say, no don’t get me wrong I know why I am deserving of it. I can tell you all about why I think I am good at whatever I do professionally, however I can’t seem to write down that.

I am not sure if it is because (a) it is weird to start singing my own praises. Your work should speak for you isn’t that how it should be?. Is it what is commonly referred to as (b) “impostor syndrome” , a feeling that you are not good enough, that you are not qualified for the position or scholarship.

Let me give a background to this, I studied law for five years (if you add the extra years it might be seven). at the University. I did not get the “good grades”, and if you work in the legal space you know it is a highly competitive space even in Nigeria, where I like and work. So in essence, I have had more than my fair share of rejections, and it leaves you with a feeling that maybe just maybe you are not good enough. I think that somewhere at the back of my head, it exists in some way. I look at my laptop and I struggle, to find the words to type to explain why I am deserving of that opportunity.

I don’t give up though, I am learning , that sometimes you have to “go for it”. What is the worst that could happen? another rejection or an email saying well, we think you are exceptional but……. we do not think that you are suitable for this role/position/scholarship. Well I would be sad for a day or two, but I will be back on LinkedIn, looking for the next opportunity.

I don’t know what you do to fight the feeling of not being good enough for a job/role. I am learning to still apply for that role, and show up to work. I am learning to take time to develop my skills, attend training workshops, webinars, and listen to people who are more experienced share their stories. Somewhere in between the stories, lies a lesson in perseverance.

In a nutshell, if you come across this know that you are enough, you are qualified, and the resources you need are a click away , or a google search away. Never give up, be open to learning continuously …….

PS I will write a how to post next week, on some tips I have picked up from learning howto write application letters….



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